Herbies’ melting pot

Way back in the less enlightened days of 2008, Herbert Smith was already doing its bit for a better society when it began providing “cultural integration” courses for associates (see story).

The fact that most of those singled out for cultural adjustment (sorry, integration) were drawn from Herbies’ Indian network was surely purely coincidental?

Things have changed now, of course. To demonstrate just how far the firm has come, today sees the launch of Herbies’ multicultural network (see story). The aim is to raise awareness about diversity and is in no way whatsoever about the negative publicity garnered by the ill-fated cultural courses. Understood?

In any event, it’s not only the legal community that in no way whatsoever needs to address an inclusion problem. Take rugby. No, go on, take it.

Anyone who wants proof of the melting pot that is the legal and rugby worlds should pop down to Richmond Rugby Club on Sunday andmarvel at the diversity on display at the Taylor Root Law Society 7s, proceeds from which go to children’s charity Wooden Spoon.

That said, England rugby legend Jason Leonard will be the star turn. If that’s not enough to tear you away from the Sunday morningmHollyoaks omnibus, nothing is.