Happy Hunton?

Spontaneous celebrations broke out across the country this week as the coalition Government celebrated the first anniversary of what history will no doubt record as ’The Rose Garden Pact’.

Yet cast your mind back a little over 12 months, before Nick Clegg’s short journey from messiah to pariah, and you might remember the now-deputy PM making all sorts of pledges about university tuition fees.

Well, we all regret opening our mouths from time to time don’t we?

Anyway, the tale serves to illustrate the perils involved when one makes firm commitments. Ideally, there will be no such regrets from Hunton & Williams, though, after the US firm reaffirmed its faith in London despite falling City profits and a mini-wave of partner exits (see story).

“There’s no question that the US is fully supportive,” opines London chief Bridget Treacy of her office, echoing the old war cry of Colonel Noriega.

Let’s hope this relationship doesn’t go the same way.


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