Gagging order

Have you heard the one about the lawyer who was also a comedian?

WhileThe Lawyer is sure that there is an hilarious punch-line to this question somewhere out there, it is no joke. You see, Mishcon de Reya partner Danny Davis really is a comedian, and for the past four years he has spent his evenings touring pubs and clubs trying to raise a laugh (see story).

Anyone else who fancies themselves as having funny bones should read what Davis has to say.

“I’ve performed in front of just two people,” he says. “It was horrible. Another time there were 10 comics performing and six people in the audience. I was on sixth and didn’t realise until the fifth act that not one of the audience spoke English.”

Being a lawyer means he also attracts a bit of stick from his comedic peers. Apparently they begrudge the fact that he earns a lawyer’s salary but still does comedy.

Surely knowing your Slaughter and May from your Hale and Pace is worthy of respect?


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