Fuzi logic

So it seems that the good folk down under at Clayton Utz are not taking the defection of some of their top lawyers lying down.

The firm has allegedly got its knickers in something of a twist over partner Grant Fuzi leading a group of colleagues, Pied Piper style, over to A&O’s shimmering new Sydney set-up. According to reports in the Aussie press,  Clutz has retained a QC and is chasing up a Aus$700,000 payment it made to keep Fuzi out of the clutches of the English raiders (see story).

Well, being a good loser has never really been part of the Australian psyche. Maybe if they’d suffered 20 years of sporting humiliation at the hands of a country with a third of its population they would have been more sanguine about the situation.

As it is, no one at A&O seems to be losing much sleep over the prospect of legal action.

It looks like it may just be a big Fuzi over nothing.


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