Freshfields of Dreams

The firm’s Fleet Street HQ was the location for what must have been one of the more unusual client meetings yesterday when a group of corporate high-flyers – christened the Red Knights – got together to talk about how to regain control of their beloved club from…corporate high-flyer Malcolm Glazer (see story).

As noble causes go some, particularly those residents of a certain city by the Mersey, would say it’s right up there with Bob Crow’s tube workers strike.

But still, it’s refreshing to see a show of unity from industry chiefs more used to squabbling over a couple of basis points. If only Portsmouth, Crystal Palace, Chester City and the dozens of other clubs struggling to stay alive had such influential friends.

But the burning question on everyone’s lips is not whether Glazer will succumb to fan pressure and give up his most prized asset or whether the off-field distractions will affect Fergie’s bid for a record fourth straight title.

No, what we want to know is whether there were any prawn sandwiches on the menu at Freshfields yesterday.
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