For whom the Belfast doles

“So, A&O minion, do you want the good news first, or the bad? The good news is that you can keep your job. Why don’t we go and have a drink to celebrate?

“Oh, yeah, the bad news. I nearly forgot. You might have to move 500 miles away and across the Irish Sea to keep it. Pint of Guinness?”

Sadly, we can only speculate as to how accurate a representation this is of the staff consultations that have been taking place in the three months since the firm announced that up to 180 back office jobs would be moving to Northern Ireland (see story).

Bizarrely, very few of the London workers with families, friends, schools, social lives and 5-a-side football teams all based in the capital fancied the daily 12-hour commute in exchange for continued employment.

As many as 155 staff are now in redundancy talks at the magic circle firm.

“There’s a lot of investment involved so the cost of the saving will only be £10m in total,” said managing partner Wim Dejonghe back in February (see story).

So, as ever, this is not about cost cutting. Got that? Not. About. Cost. Cutting.