Football fun?

The Lawyer deeply fears the Football Association (FA) so will make no attempt at letter replacement when announcing the name of the law firm that advised Roy Hodgson on his England manager appointment, Russell Jones & Walker (RJW).

The Sun

has defended its front page headline mocking the West Bromwich Albion boss’s speech impediment, despite the FA issuing a statement attacking the “disrespectful” treatment of the new national head coach.

RJW employment partner Paul Daniels worked his magic to negotiate Hodgson’s four-year FA contract, which reportedly includes a break clause that allows both parties to review where they stand after the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Hodgson’s predecessor Fabio Capello might not have been allowed the freedom to choose a captain – the source of his resignation in February – but at least he could choose his own lawyer, turning to son Pierfilippo.

So it’s nice to see an English firm getting the nod from an Englishman for the English job. Or should that be an Aussie…?