Fenwick makes friends with Facebook

Like, OMG. Lawyers at US tech firm Fenwick & West are expecting a flood of friend requests after scooping the lead role on social networking giant Facebook’s mega IPO.

What impact is this landmark instruction likely to have on these trailblazing lawyers? As Facebook’s unfeasibly – no jealousy here – young (27) founder Mark Zuckerberg gushed in his SEC filings, Facebook was never supposed to be a company but, “was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.”

Right. Well, thanks to Facebook herds of drones are slowly being trained to put their lives online, while anyone in their teens or older is likely to have already faced the tyranny of stating their relationship status on Big Brother – sorry, Facebook – later then reaping the whirlwind of approbation or dismay.

Similarly, the lawyers involved at Fenwick, as well as those at Simpson Thacher advising the underwriters, can expect a period of mass poking, the posting of random pics from long-forgotten university drunken frolics and ’friend’ requests from random strangers. most of whom are currently pressing ’like’ in a feeble attempt to ingratiate themselves with the current coolest lawyers in town.

What they probably can’t expect is a flood of cash. As we all now know, thanks to this week’s IPO feature, their ain’t no money in listings.