Ex-Halliwells Sheffield staff celebrate new start with musical video

Kennedys has marked its launch in Sheffield through the acquisition of a 65-person team from Halliwells with the production of a musical video miming to Queen’s hit song Don’t Stop Me Now.

It commences with former head of Halliwells’ Sheffield office Suzanne Liversidge sat with two colleagues asking: “Right, first day at Kennedys guys, wonder how we’re going to feel tonight?” Before bursting into The Queen song accompanied by her colleagues, some of whom emerge from behind the sofa on which she is sat.

The three and a half minute video was intended to be for internal circulation only but has been leaked and posted on YouTube.

Liversidge told The Lawyer: “We’re happy people, it was an internal thing to introduce staff [to our counterparts in other offices] rather than having a gallery of photos, staff wanted to do something different.”

She added: “We’re ordinary people who do our job, but we like to do it with a smile on our faces. This is who we are and we’re fun, we’re having a good time. And we’ve got a reputation for having good nights out.”

The insurance team includes 10 partners and is one half of Halliwells’ former Sheffield office, the rest of whom have moved over to Hill Dickinson following Halliwells entering administration on Tuesday (20 July).

The video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh2vExTQMZI