Eversheds’ Spanish alliance partner breaks from network

Eversheds is set to part company with Spanish alliance partner Eversheds Lupicinio, citing strategic differences.

Eversheds Lupicinio will split from Eversheds’ international network after six years as a member. Eversheds declined to comment on when the split would become effective or whether the Spanish alliance partner would drop the ’Eversheds’ from its name once it leaves.

David Gray, chairman of Eversheds International, denied that his firm has agreed terms with a replacement alliance partner in Spain.

In a statement he said: “There’s been some misleading and inaccurate media coverage in Spain in relation to Eversheds Lupicinio.

“We’ve been working with our Spanish colleagues at Eversheds Lupicinio very happily for the last six years. Looking at our respective strategies for the next few years we’ve both realised that these are no longer aligned so it’s been agreed that the Spanish firm will leave Eversheds International later this year.

“It’s therefore not correct that this has been a unilateral decision taken by Eversheds International, or that Eversheds International has already closed an agreement with another law firm in Spain.”

Eversheds Lupicinio has 50 lawyers, including 15 partners across offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valladolid.

The departure will leave Eversheds with 43 offices in its international network.