DLA’s African best friends form East African alliance

African members of the DLA Piper alliance network, together with two other African firms, today launched regional alliance Juris East Africa.

Juris East Africa aims to provide regional and international businesses with coordinated legal services across East Africa.

The alliance was formed by Iseme Kamau & Mawma Advocates (IKM) in Kenya and Ishengoma Karume Masha & Magai in Tanzania, which are both in an exclusive alliance with DLA Piper, as well as Ugandan firm Sebalu & Lule Advocates and Equity Juris Chambers in Rwanda.

The latter two firms are in the process of extending their relationships with DLA Piper.

James Kamau, managing partner of IKM, said: “The formation of Juris East Africa is a proactive response to the increasing demands from clients in East Africa and investors in this region who’ve been clear that they’re seeking East Africa-wide solutions and that there’s a wide gap in the region, which we’re happy to help fill.”

Members of Juris East Africa will share among themselves and DLA Piper best practices, training, knowledge and support.

David Church, DLA Piper’s international development partner, said: “We’ve worked closely with the member firms on the creation of Juris East Africa and are totally supportive. Banks, financial institutions, and domestic and foreign businesses don’t want to work with several different law firms across the region. They want the seamless service and the efficiencies that they’d get from working with just one firm. Juris East Africa gives them that.”