Dewey’s Davis calls in the spin doctor

If you can defend a New York Governor who resigned after hiring a call girl, being a spokesperson for the former chairman of a US law firm should be easy. Or so you’d think.

Brandy Bergman, a medalled New York media consultant, has been engaged to handle media matters for Steve Davis, the ousted chairman of defunct Dewey & LeBoeuf. Among her previous clients are former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, whom she represented after the Democrat resigned as Governor in 2008.

Davis is in need of quite a bit of advocacy right now: former Dewey partner Henry Bunsow has alleged in a lawsuit that his former boss concocted a Ponzi scheme and misrepresented the firm’s financial position when it persuaded him to join on a $5m guarantee. He also claims in the suit that Davis withdrew his capital funds from the firm when he was ousted despite the defendants in question allegedly never intending to pay capital back to other partners.

After becoming the subject of a criminal investigation and being ousted as chairman, Davis has attracted plenty of attention. He might not have hired a high-priced prostitute à la Spitzer, but he sure needs a good spokesperson now.