Dewey London trainees in the lurch

One thing you didn’t hear in the Queen’s Speech yesterday: “My Government will work to secure jobs for all trainee solicitors at the London office of Dewey & LeBoeuf.”

But Her Majesty needn’t worry: Dewey’s got it sorted. Or at least it hopes it has. The firm is trying to manage the crisis that sees 14 of its 20 current City trainees still hunting for a job as the London LLP prepares to close.

Of the 20, six trainees have followed exiting partners to their new firms, with Dewey now trying to seek out solutions to allow them to continue their training elsewhere.

Departing City managing partner Peter Sharp – who has already left for Morgan Lewis – says he is leading efforts to find new places for trainees. HR manager Karen Morrissey is also understood to be closely involved in organising the plans.

Dewey has had to axe its vacation scheme for this summer and is in talks with the new cohorts of 2012 and 2013 trainees, who must be pretty worried.

Any firms out there keen on snatching a few trainees, get in touch. Dewey’s and Sharp’s efforts notwithstanding, The Lawyer would love to be the matchmaker.