Devil’s advocate

The founder of website Solicitors from Hell, Rick Kordowski, may be getting the feeling that his creation is more trouble than its worth.

The graphic-designer-cum-scourge-of-the-legal-profession has lost yet another defamation case in the High Court, with Mr Justice Tugendhat ordering him to pay £10,000 to Marlow firm Gabbitas Robins (see story)

Kordowski has already lost or settled a number of other libel claims from angry solicitors who take umbrage with the accusation that they reside in Lucifer’s living room. And there are more in the pipeline too, with the Law Society considering a class action against the site.

Miraculously Kordowski managed to find a barrister to represent him pro bono in Cloisters Chambers’ Jonathan Crystal, though from what we understand, Kordowski instructed no solicitors. Odd, that.


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