Cutback Camerons

Chancellor George Osborne has been singing and dancing all over the place in the last 48 hours, simultaneously trying to convince his banker mates that he still loves them while telling the rest of the world that they are, in fact, overpaid parasites.

Poor guy probably wishes he’d taken the hedge fund job Daddy lined up for him pre-Bullingdon.

Duncan Weston must know how Georgie Porgie feels. The CMS Cameron McKenna managing partner has had to tread an equally fine line in recent weeks, trying to nudge up profits without appearing to be an over-zealous axe-swinger. Tricky.

The restructuring exercise at Camerons (see story) promises to be one of the biggest in the City since the dark days of 2008-09 (anyone remember New World?). There could be a fair bit of reasonably well-known blood on the carpet when all’s said and done.

With as many as 20 partners potentially being shown the door or chucked out of the equity, there will be a few looking over their shoulders in the Mitre House corridors.

Still, that’ll leave more space for all those Integreon bodies that’ll be flooding into the office (see story).