CMS Cameron McKenna and the collapsing firm

As Dewey & LeBoeuf’s extinction from the face of the legal map looms, the UK LLP has turned to CMS Cameron McKenna for advice on its imminent wind-down (see story).

The London and Paris offices, which make up Dewey’s UK LLP, were expected to file for administration earlier this week, but are now expected to delay the application until the end of next week or even the following week.

The delay comes after talks with creditors but has given the firm time to try to find new jobs for staff. Whether the staff are getting any help from the previous highly paid management is, erm, unclear.

The scope of Camerons’ role is not exactly obvious at this stage, but the firm has possibly the most useful experience ever when it comes to messy law firm collapses; restructuring partner Rita Lowe was called in to advise Halliwells’ administrators in 2010.

And it’s happy faces generally at Camerons today; the firm has had a professional negligence claim against it thrown out of court after Hildyard J said the firm owed the claimant Edenwest no duty of care (see story).

We hear Duncan Weston’s putting his card behind the bar tonight. Trebles all round.