Clydes takes over the world

If you thought Clyde & Co was going to rest on its laurels after its merger with Barlow Lyde & Gilbert (BLG) then you were sorely mistaken.

It turns out that securing arguably the most eye-catching merger between two UK firms since Clifford Turner tied the knot with Coward Chance was just the start for ambitious Clydes. Like Clifford Chance before it, the firm has now set its sights on conquering the world (see story).

South America is key for the firm – particularly since rivals Beachcroft and Davies Arnold Cooper will have a serious presence in the region following their own merger and Clydes was robbed of the chance to have a ready-made São Paolo office when BLG’s aviation team jumped ship to Holman Fenwick Willan. Clydes managing partner Michael Payton reckons there’s more to come in the US, too.

But on top of all these fairly standard destinations the firm also has a keen eye on Zimbabwe, where it is in talks with a potential best friend.

An unexpected move, certainly, but for a firm with a history in Iraq and Libya perhaps not such a strange one.


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