Clifford Chance to nurture female partners’ management potential

The conference, which took place in London over the weekend, kicked off with a session aimed at encouraging more women to become partners and at getting an increased number to move into management roles.

Last year, managing partner David Childs (pictured) pledged to increase the level of female partners to 30 per cent (28 September 2009). At the time the figure stood at around 15 per cent.

Details of how the magic circle firm plans to increase female partnership levels have never been revealed, but last weekend’s meeting has been seen as a step in the right direction.

One female partner said: “It always has an effect when people start taking views from the partnership itself. It’s something people have been talking about.

“There’ve been other meetings about this before and I think we’re seeing an improvement.”

Another partner at the firm commented: “There seems to be a real push to encourage a change in the landscape.”

Other issues that were high on the agenda at the weekend were increasing the capability of the firm’s Indian knowledge centre and the rise in alternative fee arrangements.