Clifford Chance out in the cold as Australian government revamps panel

The Australian government has established a whole-of-government legal roster that features the Australian arm or alliance firm of all the UK firms present in the country except Clifford Chance.

The Legal Services Multi-Use List (LSMUL) features 68 firms in total, a significant reduction on the 152 used by all government agencies under previous arrangements in the 2010-11 financial year.

The LSMUL is made up of firms that have been pre-approved to provide legal services to agencies across four broad categories of legal work: corporate and commercial; dispute resolution and litigation; government and administrative law; and all other legal services.

The establishment of the LSMUL, which goes live today, is part of a series of reforms carried out by the Attorney General’s Department of Australia to enhance the delivery and strategic management of legal services to the Commonwealth.

Attorney general Nicola Roxon said that all Australian government agencies will use the roster to purchase legal services, cutting red tape and driving cost efficiencies.

According to the government’s 2010-11 Legal Services Expenditure Report, a total of 161 agencies spent A$676.6m (£425.8m) ion legal services. Of that, A$281.6m was paid to 152 legal services providers, with the top 10 firms receiving approximately 89 per cent of the total. In the previous financial year, A$255m was paid to 291 legal services providers.

Clayton Utz, Blake Dawson (now Ashurst), DLA Piper, Minter Ellison, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Minter Ellison and Mallesons Stephen Jaques (now King & Wood Mallesons) were among the top 10 in the past three years.

Firms that are not on the list this time will be able to submit an application for inclusion at any time. However, assessment will only be undertaken twice each year. The next cut-off date for applications is 4 September 2012.

The performance of the LSMUL firms will be monitored closely under a performance management framework. Agencies will be required to report on services provider performance information against key criteria including quality, accuracy, responsiveness, understanding of agency needs, professionalism and experience of staff working on matter, and value for money.

The full roster is:

Category of legal work: Government and Administrative Law

1.  Allens Arthur Robinson

2.  Ashurst

3.  Australian Government Solicitor

4.  Baker & McKenzie

5.  Bartier Perry

6.  Clayton Utz

7.  Corrs Chambers Westgarth

8.  Curwoods Lawyers

9.  DibbsBarker

10.   DibbsBarker Canberra

11.   DLA Piper

12.   Eakin McCaffery Cox

13.   Freehills

14.   Gadens Lawyers Melbourne

15.   Gilbert + Tobin

16.   Harmers Workplace Laywers

17.   Henry Davis York

18.   Hicksons

19.   Holding Redlich

20.   Hunt & Hunt

21.   HWL Ebsworth

22.   Jackson McDonald

23.   Johnson Winter & Slattery

24.   King & Wood Mallesons

25.   Lander & Rogers

26.   Maddocks

27.   McInnes Wilson Lawyers Pty Ltd

28.   Meridian Lawyers Limited

29.   Middletons

30.   Minter Ellison Lawyers

31.   Moray & Agnew Lawyers

32.   Norton Rose Australia

33.   Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd t/as Proximity Legal

34.   Russel Kennedy

35.   Sparke Helmore

36.   Thomsons Lawyers

37.   TressCox Lawyers

38.   Williams Love & Nicol Lawyers

 Category of legal work: Corporate and Commercial Law

1.  Aitken Partners Pty Ltd

2.  Allen & Overy

3.  Allens Arthur Robinson

4.  Ashurst

5.  Australian Government Solicitor

6.  Baker & McKenzie

7.  Banki Haddock Fiora

8.  Bartier Perry

9.  Bennet & Philp Lawyers

10.   Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

11.   Corrs Chambers Westgarth

12.   Clayton Utz

13.   Craddock Murray Neumann

14.   Cridlands MB

15.   Curwoods Lawyers

16.   Dibbs Barker

17.   Dibbs Barker Canberra

18.   DLA Piper

19.   DLAW Pty Ltd as Trustee for the DL Trust t/as Doyles Construction Lawyers

20.   Eakin McCaffery Cox

21.   Forgan Lawyers t/as Hunt & Hunt

22.   Fox Tucker Lawyers

23.   Francis Abourizk Lightowlers

24.   Freehills

25.   Gadens Lawyers Brisbane

26.   Gadens Lawyers Melbourne

27.   Gilbert & Tobin

28.   Griffith Hack

29. Henry Davis York

30. Hicksons

31. Holding Redlich

32. Hunt & Hunt

33. HWL Ebsworth

34. Hynes Lawyers

35. Jackson McDonald

36. Johnson Winter & Slattery

37. Kennedys (Australasia) Pty Ltd t/as Kennedys

38. King & Wood Mallesons

39. Lander & Rogers

40. LLSJ Pty Ltd t/as Lawson Smith

41. Maddocks

42. McInnes Wilson Lawyers

43. Middletons

44. Minter Ellison Lawyers

45. Moray & Agnew

46. MSP Legal

47. Norton Rose Australia

48. O’Loughlins Lawyers

49. Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd t/as Proximity Legal

50. Russell Kennedy Pty Ltd

51. Sage Legal Services P/L

52. Simpsons Solicitors Pty Ltd

53. Sparke Helmore

54. SRB Legal

55. TressCox Lawyers

56. Williams Love & Nicol Lawyers

Category of legal work: Dispute Resolution and Litigation

1.  Aitken Partners Pty Ltd

2.  Allens Arthur Robinson

3.  Ally Group Pty Ltd t/as Allygroup

4.  Ashurst

5.  Australian Government Solicitor

6.  Baker & McKenzie

7.  Banki Haddock Fiora

8.  Bartier Perry

9.  Bennett & Philp Lawyers

10.   Clayton Utz

11.   Corrs Chambers Westgarth

12.   Craddock Murray Neumann

13.   Curwoods Lawyers

14.   DibbsBarker

15.   DibbsBarker Canberra

16.   DLA Piper

17.   DLAW Pty Ltd as Trustee for the DL Trust t/as Doyles Construction Lawyers

18.   Eakin McCaffery Cox

19.   Forgan Laywers t/as Hunt & Hunt

20.   Fox Tucker Lawyers

21.   Freehills

22.   Gadens Laywers Brisbane

23.   Gadens Lawyers Melbourne

24.   Gilbert + Tobin

25.   Griffith Hack

26.   Harmers Workplace Lawyers

27.   Henry Davis York

28.   Herbert Geer

29.   Hicksons

30.   Holding Redlich

31.   Hunt & Hunt

32.   HWL Ebsworth

33.   Hynes Lawyers

34.   Jackson McDonald

35.   Johnson Winter & Slattery

36.   Kelly Hazell Quill Pty Ltd t/as Kelly Hazell Quill Lawyers

37.   Kennedys

38.   King & Wood Mallesons

39.   Lander & Rogers

40.   Littles Lawyers Pty Ltd t/as Littles Lawyers

41.   LLSJ Pty Ltd t/as Lawson Smith

42.   Lobban McNally Lawyers

43.   Maddocks

44.   Maurice Blackburn

45.   McInnes Wilson Lawyers

46.   Meridian Lawyers Limited

47.   Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers

48.   Middletons

49.   Minter Ellison Lawyers

50.   Moray & Agnew Lawyers

51.   MSP Legal Pty Ltd t/as MSP Legal

52.   Norton Rose Australia

53.   O’Loughlins Lawyers

54.   Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd t/as Proximity Legal

55.   Russel Kennedy Pty Ltd

56.   Sparke Helmore

57.   SRB Legal

58.   Thomsons Lawyers

59.   TressCox Lawyers

60.   Williams Love & Nicol

Category of legal work: All Other Legal Services

1.     Ashurst

2.     Australian Government Solicitor

3.     Clayton Utz

4.     DLA Piper

5.     Hunt & Hunt

6.     HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

7.     Kennedys (Australasia) Pty Ltd t/as Kennedys

8.     Lander & Rogers

9.     Minter Ellison

10.  Sparke Helmore