CC fights race claim

While in Europe Clifford Chance is all excited about partner hires and office openings, stateside the firm has got other things on its mind.

The firm is facing a New York lawsuit brought by a former associate over claims that she was discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender and age during a round off redundancies three years ago (see story).
Karen Ramdhanie was one of six assistants laid off in late 2007, all of whom were either female or black or, as in Ramdhanie’s case, both.
The former associate claims that two of her colleagues were taken off the team that was made redundant, allegedly just before the job cuts were announced. Both were white males and both stayed at the firm.
Clifford Chance has responded with a 40-page document outlining its denials of the claimant’s litany of allegations.
Of the 416 verified answers to her claims, filed by CC’s lawyers earlier this month, the overwhelming majority are flat denials. With a few choice exceptions.
Answer No.93, for example, is a classic of the genre: The firm “denies the allegations… of the Verified Complaint, except admits that Ramdhanie is female.”
That’s that part cleared up then. As for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see.


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