Camerons to cut 9 per cent of support staff as part of Integreon deal

CMS Cameron McKenna is to lay off 9 per cent of its support staff, with a further 21 per cent facing relocation, as part of the transfer of its business services functions to outsourcer Integreon.

Duncan Weston
Duncan Weston

The details of the agreement with Integreon were revealed to staff at the firm yesterday.

Of the 363 people currently employed in business services roles, 21 per cent will be relocated to either Bristol or India – the equivalent of 76 members of staff. As many as 33 face redundancy.

It is not clear how many of the redundancies will come from the London office, where just over half the firm’s support staff are based.

In a memo to staff, managing partner Duncan Weston said: “We’re pleased to be moving forward with our plans to work with Integreon. Unfortunately, this will mean some redundancies in London as Integreon relocates and adds resources to Bristol and India, re-engineers processes and deploys new technology.

“The changing legal landscape requires constant innovation in the way we do business. This new approach to our business services will give us the ability to focus on our clients and provide a more sophisticated service. 

“It creates greater flexibility to scale support services based on demand, and gives us access to a more advanced technology with the benefits of future investment by Integreon towards building a unified business model. It’ll also allow us the option to integrate our approach to business services across our international businesses.”

Camerons kicked off a consultation process with all staff yesterday ahead of the proposed transfer date of 1 April.

The proposed transfer will see Integreon buy the shares in Camerons’ business service company, meaning it will not have to transfer the remaining staff under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)) regulations. The proposals will see transferred employees retain their current salaries, terms and conditions.

The firm would not give details of the price paid for its business service company, but confirmed that the money would be recapitalised and used on future projects, including investments in new technologies and real estate.

Integreon will take a floor in Camerons’ City base from the summer, with chief operating officer Tony Wright, who has been on secondment with the outsourcer since June last year, expected to become an Integreon employee.

The Camerons partnership voted unanimously in favour of the deal last November (23 November 2010). Partners will not be involved in consultations with support staff.

Integreon CEO Liam Brown said: “CMS has the highest standards and set us the goal of delivering best-in-class services. We’re glad that we met their bar and look forward to a mutually rewarding, long-term relationship.”

Some transferred staff will service other Integreon clients in addition to Camerons, although the majority are expected to work exclusively for the firm.