Burness Bonus

There’s a lot to be said for the Scottish sense of fair play.

From William Wallace, who galvanised local landowners to resist the rampaging English, to Gordon Brown’s heroic effort to prove that you can lead a country without possessing a rugged jaw line, our friends north of the border have had a thing about being unconventional.

Thus into the breach today steps Burness and its magnanimous chairman Philip Rodney, who has announced that, despite the continuing economic gloom, everyone at the firm will receive a 5 per cent bonus. All in time for that pricey August bank holiday too.

Burness may not be the only trend-bucking firm to reward the hard work of its employees – Eversheds, Kennedys and Watson Farley & Williams are among the others to have patted their staff on their heads with bundles of used fivers – but with the Scots’ thoroughly undeserved reputation for fiscal prudence, this bonus could well be the most welcome of all.