Blue moot

Oxford? Cambridge? Hull? Finally, the centuries-old debate about which of Britain’s great universities really is the best can be settled amicably and without all that mucking about in the Thames.

The Guardian’s 2012 university league table – aka The Islington Yummy Mummy’s Bible – has revealed the top law faculties in the country. As our readers will doubtless agree, there is no better test of the merits of a seat of learning than the quality of litigators it produces.

And it’s the light blue half of the Oxbridgerati who will be raising a glass of Pimm’s and guffawing loudly with their chums this evening after Cambridge gave its age-old rival a sound thrashing in the rankings (see story).

Among hoi polloi finishing in positions three to six came a quartet of London institutions, while the seventh, eighth and ninth spots were filled by the parvenus of Durham, Warwick and Newcastle.

Of course, as the increasing number of diversity partners at the top firms keep telling us, you don’t have to be Oxbridge-educated to get into their hallowed corridors. After all, they’re always on the look-out for decent catering staff.


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