BLG’s Hot ride to Clydes

Revealed: the kingmaker behind today’s shock news that BLG is in merger talks with Clydes (see story).

Yes, it’s The Lawyer, the real mover and shaker behind the UK legal market’s key events. For this year’s Hot 100, always a key event in its own right, we had the foresight to bring Clydes senior partner Michael Payton and BLG’s chief executive David Jabbari together.

If you don’t believe us – or simply want to see for yourself the moment these momentous plans were hatched – check it out here (page 27).

From those small acorns, shot in a disused shop in Moorgate, a new £300m UK top 10 firm with shiny offices may well be born.

Certainly all looks bonny at Clydes.


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