Bird und Bird sind ein Hamburger

Hamburg, birthplace of the Beatles, is also home to the most interesting football team in Europe. St Pauli, as Bundesliga fans will know, have an anarchist fan base and a gay former club president. Millwall it certainly ain’t.

Whether any of the six lawyers Bird & Bird has just poached from boutique outfit Recore Business Lawyers (see story) are season ticket holders at the Millerntor is not yet known. What they will do, according to 2Birds chief exec David Kerr, is strengthen the firm’s northern European reach.

With a presence in Stockholm and Helsinki, the technology specialist is fast becoming the most Viking-friendly firm in the City.

But a closer look at the list of European offices suggests a supplementary motive to simply wanting to corner the market in cheap furniture and saunas.

Apart from Hamburg and the Scandinavian capitals, Birds is now set up in Prague, Budapest and Rome. In fact, it’s a veritable inter-railer’s manifesto.

All it needs to do now is give away backpacks as part of its training contracts and Bird & Bird will officially be the coolest firm of all.


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