Bindmans scoops NoW phone hacking mandate

Bindmans has launched judicial review proceedings against the Metropolitan Police over claims it failed to adequately investigate allegations of phone hacking at Sunday tabloid News of the World (NoW).

Bindmans partner Tamsin Allen has been instructed by Chris Bryant MP, former police commander Brian Paddick and freelance journalist Brendan Montague to launch the judicial review.

It is alleged the trio had their mobile phones hacked by the tabloid but a police investigation failed and breached an obligation to warn them that they were victims of invasion of privacy.

“Our clients have still not been told the whole story about how their names came to be in the papers seized during the phone hacking investigation in 2006 and why they were not warned that their privacy might have been compromised,” said Allen.

“The court will now determine whether or not the Metropolitan Police breached its public law and human rights obligations in the way it handled this investigation and its aftermath. We expect being in a position shortly to announce the names of at least two others in a similar position who will join these proceedings in due course,” he added.

It is alleged that NoW journalists routinely hacked into the phones of celebrities to secure exclusive stories.

In 2006, the tabloid’s former Royal correspondent Clive Goodman was jailed for his part in hacking into the phones belonging to members of the royal family.

The police investigation, however, did not extend further into the paper and the tabloid flatly denied accusations that other reporters and editors were complicit in the hacking.

Last year, News International, NoW’s parent group, settled claims for breach of privacy brought against the newspaper by the former chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, Graham Taylor, for a reported £700,000.

PR guru Max Clifford also brought a claim for breach of privacy against the tabloid. JMW Solicitors lawyer Charlotte Harris reportedly secured a £1m settlement for Clifford (8 September).