Bill for Leveson Inquiry barristers hits £625,600 in first six months

The fees for the counsel advising the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics have topped £600,000, a quarterly expenditure report has revealed.

Lord Justice Leveson
Lord Justice Leveson

Since the inquiry into press standards began six months ago, the inquiry’s core team of barristers has racked up legal fees of £536,100. The bulk of this has gone to 39 Essex Street’s Robert Jay QC (29 July 2011) and juniors David Barr of Temple Garden Chambers and Carine Patry Hoskins of Landmark Chambers.

Lucinda Boon, of 5 Essex Court, has received some of the public funds after joining the team of counsel more recently.

According to the quarterly expenditure report, which lists fees for the full inquiry period from July 2011 to 31 January 2012, the inquiry has spent a further £89,500 on junior barristers, taking total fees on counsel to £625,600 in that period.

Total costs have now reached £2m.

The report shows that Lord Justice Leveson is not paid directly, but that the inquiry is meeting the cost – £82,000 – for other judges to fill his role in the Court of Appeal.

The 53 core participants are represented by 5RB’s David Sherbourne and News International has been represented by One Essex Court’s Rhodri Davies QC, instructed by Linklaters partner Alan Walls.