BBC Scotland unveils expanded legal roster

BBC Scotland has trebled its roster of legal advisers after finalising its panel review last week.

The number of firms on the panel has risen from two to six, with all the firms headquartered in the country. The review was conducted by representatives from both the legal and editorial standards departments, including BBC Scotland’s principal lawyer Rosalind McInnes.

Burness and Biggart Baillie, the two firms on original the panel, have retained their places. Burness was the only firm selected as a general adviser, while Biggart Baillie will advise on competition, criminal law, employment, IP and litigation.

A spokesperson said: “What we’ve tried to do is widen the pool we can get assistance from.”

The other panel firms are:

Brodies – criminal law, litigation and programme advice    

Maclay Murray & Spens – contract and employment law, IP, litigation and property.   

Morton Fraser – programme advice

Shepherd & Wedderburn – competition law, contracts and property