Barbara Gruber, Baker & McKenzie

The item I carry around with me at work is a tag to open doors – being locked out in the staircase is very lonely.

Barbara Gruber
Barbara Gruber

Name: Barbara Gruber

Baker & McKenzie

Head of Media Relations Germany


I start work just before 9am.

The dullest task I’ve been given is checking individual lawyer profiles on the web.

I spent my last bonus on shoes, shoes, shoes… can’t help being a girl.

I don’t spend time on Facebook. I’m a bit old fashioned and prefer meeting people in person.

The strangest thing I’ve been asked to do at work is being told to take it easy.

On dress-down Fridays I wear business casual.

The most irritating habit of any partner I’ve worked for? There is no such thing as a partner with ’irritating habits’.

At the end a hard week I unwind with a ‘Godzilla’ – a cocktail at my local bar.

The best practice group for gossip and why? I think the saying goes something like: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

If I could introduce one law I would switch working hours to the weekend when all the shops are closed and vice versa. No explanation needed.

Is my salary greater than my age? No reference to age please.

The perks of my role? I enjoy the variety of dealing with journalists on one side and lawyers on the other.

I’ve never fallen in love at work. I’m very picky.

If I were a lawyer I would practice mediation – I’m fascinated by the psychology.  
Given the chance, I’d work in Sydney.

For lunch I have whatever the journalists are eating.
Soy Latte or Nescafe? Double espresso – intravenous.

On my desk I have more newspaper clippings than photos.

City break or weekend in the country?
Beach bum.

My firm in three words? Fluent, positive, ahead-of-the-curve.