Bahraini firm Qays Zu’bi ramps up with local merger

Bahraini firm Qays H. Zu’bi Attorneys & Legal Consultants has announced plans to merge with local firm Hatim S. Zu’bi & Partners.

The tie-up will create an outfit of around 25 lawyers, including approximately four partners. 

Name partner Qays Zu’bi set up his firm in 2001 after working for Hatim S. Zu’bi & Partners, his father’s firm, for 17 years. 

Qays Zu’bi said the litigation capabilities of Hatim S. Zu’bi, and in particular lawyer Hugh Stokes, will allow the merged firm to take on more cases.

Qays H. Zu’bi is currently in the process of setting up an office in Qatar.

The long-delayed Qatar Bahrain Causeway is expected to build relations between the two states, added Zu’bi.

The new Qatar office is likely to specialise in litigation, oil and construction work.

Qays H. Zu’bi currently has an office in Dubai, while Hatim S. Zu’bi has an office in Jordan.

Prior to establishing his firm, Qays Zu’bi was the executive resident partner of White & Case, managing its Bahrain office.