No longer shall Ashurst workers be cut off from the cultural zeitgeist.

No longer shall partners and back-office workers alike be forced to wait until the end of the working day until they can let the world know what they think about the name of the Beckhams’ latest progeny – for Ashurst staff can now use Twitter.

Until recently staff at all levels had been blocked from accessing Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail and Gmail during work hours (see story), but now the firm has apparently decided that there may be something to this whole social networking thingy and loosened the reins a little.

Or perhaps top brass just decided that the downturn was far enough behind them that there was no longer a danger of an “Ashurst Spring” revolution creeping up behind their backs.

Either way, we look forward to the 140-character insights that are sure to follow.

Staff at the firm are still blocked from accessing Youtube, but then, given some of the horrors that have emerged when lawyers have tried to get creative with a video camera (that’s right, Kennedys, we still haven’t forgotten the abomination that was your ’Don’t stop me now’ music video) that is no bad thing.


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