Ashurst’s China memory lapse

It looks like all systems are go Down Under for Ashurst.

The date of the firm’s full-blown merger with Oz heavyweight Blake Dawson draws nearer. Though not that near (see story).

First off there’s the end-of-September vote. Assuming that goes well and the tinnies of amber nectar are cracked to celebrate, then once the hangover subsides the two firms will launch a 31-partner practice across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo and Papua New Guinea.

The full tie-up between the two firms comes later – three years later.

That should just about give Charlie Geffen & Co time to tell their Chinese strategic alliance partner Guantao about the Blakes deal which, as our story today reveals, they appear to have so far overlooked.

Oh well, Ashurst wants to be big in China and the occasional gaffe is unlikely to derail its world domination plans.