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Episode five of The Apprentice: The candidates come up with a unique pet food brand and a marketing campaign.

Episode five and the candidates had to come up with a unique pet food brand and develop a marketing campaign to support it.

Vincent led Logic, which decided to make a dog food that would appeal to every dog on the planet, while Glenn managed Venture, which came up with a cat food for dieting felines.

Logic missed the point but won praise for its television advert, while Venture’s concept and packaging caught the eyes of the industry experts.

Lord Sugar decided Venture had won the day and Vincent dragged Ellie and Natasha into the boardroom, despite Jim’s Every Dog brand costing them the task. Ellie was out on her ear but Lord Sugar, unimpressed with Vincent’s decision to let Jim off the hook, sent the team leader packing too.

Here’s what our team of legal Tweeters had to say about the episode:

@rjw_rachel: Glenn’s team are bastions of anti-discrimination legislation – even hired a man to do a woman’s voice!

@Prolegal_Ltd: Glenn’s team going for the Fat Cats. Surprised there’s no mention of the FSA’s Remuneration Code in the pitch.

@rjw_rachel: Leon’s pitch a paw effort – incapability dismissal on the menu?

@LisaLewinsohn: Wow – 2 terminations in 30 seconds…carry on like that & they’ll need to collectively consult!