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Episode three of The Apprentice: the contestants are given a list of 10 items to purchase for London’s Savoy Hotel.

Episode three and Lord Sugar decides it’s time to mix the teams up, so no more boys against girls.

With the candidates charged with tracking down 10 items for London’s soon-to-reopen (at the time of filming) Savoy Hotel, Susan took control of team Venture while Gavin put himself forward to lead team Logic.

Venture got off to a great start, tracking down most of the list before heading out to pick them up. Logic’s performance seemed less auspicious and the at the end of the day the team had collected just six of the items against Venture’s nine.

Despite Vincent’s best efforts, including taking control of “the ladies” and undermining Gavin’s authority, Logic lost and Gavin was fired.

As ever we have an army of employment lawyers on hand to offer their insights on the issues thrown up in the show. In a departure from previous years, they shared their thoughts via Twitter as the programme unfolded. The best of their responses are included here. Join the debate on Twitter at #lawyerapprentice.

@LisaLewinsohn: Early morning start for the apprentices -as ever-wonder if their hours breach working time regs…?

@LisaLewinsohn: Does asking a competitor hotel’s employee for confidential supplier’s list constitute inducing breach of contract…?

@snerller74: Would you know the King of Tonga if you bumped in to him in a hat shop?

@LisaLewinsohn: Penny unwise pound foolish-capability dismissal on the cards for saving one penny?

@GusSellitto: I walked past a Comet recently, took it literally -and landed on the moon!

@Pro_legalLtd: The losers were so hopeless there may need to be collective consultation on the dismissals.

@LisaLewinsohn: ’He couldn’t run a bath’ – new phrase to use for bad appraisals??

@ScottInBristol: “I know you’re Belgian, that’s where the waffle comes from” Brill!

@LisaLewinsohn: Lucky escape for Vincent. Sidelining women surely sex discrim? Wonder if he evaded exit for the sake of tv ratings…?

@Prolegal_Ltd: Belgian waffling