A&O’s global gain

“The next 80 years.” Four score might strike you as an odd amount of time to choose for a law firm to be projecting forward, but then they do have their quirks, bless ’em.

Plus, rather more rationally, 2010 is Allen & Overy’s 80th anniversary. That fact, coupled with the global growth the firm has seen over the past 20 years in particular, is underlined by senior partner David Morley in the annual review A&O unveiled at its riotous press party last night.

The theme that A&O has embraced globalisation is clear from references ranging from its new offices in Australia and Indonesia, the global nature of IP and even a piece on foreign investment in Rwanda.

That’s nothing if not comprehensive.

The financial juice, A&O’s financial report, the headline data of which was published this week in the The Lawyer’s UK 200, is tucked away neatly at the back.

It confirms that the firm’s 2009-10 results turned out better than had been expected 12 months earlier, reflecting its decision taken in 2008-09 to slash headcount by 9 per cent at a cost of £46m.

“We feel quietly confident that we are emerging from one of the worst economic downturns in a position of strength,” the firm says.

No wonder they cracked open the champagne last night.


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