Anthony Collins defends Baptist Church against ex-footballer’s claims

Anthony Collins Solicitors is set to defend the Baptist Church against a £10m claim launched by a retired footballer who claims his faith stopped him playing for Manchester United.

Helen Tucker
Helen Tucker

Partner Helen Tucker has been instructed by the Baptist Union of Great Britain secretary Jonathan Edwards after papers were filed at the High Court by former semi-professional Portugese national Arquimedes De Jesus Nganga.

According to the claim form, 46-year-old Nganga, of Forest Hill in London, has accused the church of conspiracy to defraud him of his finances, time and life, for 19 years.

He claims that the Bible is a “book of fraud”, that Adam and Eve are “fictional characters”, and that quitting football to follow “false beliefs” aged 25 in 1990 while playing for lower league side Mortagua in Portugal, cost him a £20,000 a week salary.

Nganga is claiming damages for stress, psychological harm, family harm, social harm, his university education suffering and physical injury – saying he was attacked by people he was trying to convert and kicked in the knee, breaking his cartilage.

It is understood that Nganga will appear as a litigant in person. Tucker at Anthony Collins has not yet instructed counsel.

The church has said it will “vigorously contest” the claim.