Annual Secret Santa fest could lead to court, firm warns

Manchester firm Lewis Hymanson Small has issued a timely reminder to office workers to exercise caution over when choosing their Secret Santa presents.

According to the firm’s head of employment law Neeta Laing, an inappropriate gift could even lead to a harassment case.

“If an employee does receive, for example, a pair of lacy knickers and finds the gift offensive and wishes to pursue a harassment case, this must be taken seriously,” said Laing, before going on to explain the steps employers can take to make sure that the annual Christmas party doesn’t lead to a date in court.

She also advised staff to think about who they were buying for.

“Use your common sense,” continued Laing. “Don’t give religious colleagues alcohol or offensive magazines, male colleagues tool kits or female workers kitchenalia.”

Among the presents to avoid, the firm listed aprons, diet books, alcohol and deodorant.