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Roberts case – a summary

The name of this case may seem familiar; perhaps too familiar given the time it usually takes for matters to proceed through our court system. However, you’d be right. This is the third preliminary issue in the matter of Harry Roberts (a minor and a protected party by his mother and litigation friend Mrs Lauren […]

Covid-19: Duties of Guernsey directors

As companies continue to adjust to operating under the various regimes put in place by both the States of Guernsey and governments globally in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and even now look forward to how and when restrictions may be eased, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (the GFSC) has issued guidance on matters they believe directors should give particular regard to when undertaking their role.

Retrospective submission of a contract of sale

On 8 May, 2020, the Supreme Court of Cyprus delivered its much-awaited judgement in the context of the appeal 68/19 (Appeal), granting leave for the submission of an application for the issuance of a Certiorari, a prerogative writ.

Covid-19 litigation update

New Practice Direction 51ZA Extension of Time Limits and Clarification of PD51Y Almost three weeks ago saw the publication of the 118th Practice Direction Update to the Civil Procedure Rules. This new practice direction, namely practice Direction 51ZA, sought to revise the usual procedures for the extension of time limits and to provide clarification on […]


A case of “caveat celebritas” – celebrity beware?

The High Court [Ferdinand v MGN Ltd [2011] EWHC 2454 (QB)] recently dismissed footballer Rio Ferdinand’s claim against the Sunday Mirror for damages after the newspaper published what Nicol J called a “kiss and paid for telling” story about the ex-England captain. Ferdinand claimed that the article infringed his right to privacy, was a misuse […]

GE Oil & Gas – Putting the A into ADR

While standard forms of litigation or arbitration may be well suited to resolving complex, high value disputes, they can be too time consuming and expensive for the determination of low value disputes of a more routine nature. In Italy, GE Oil & Gas has adopted a pioneering form of online dispute resolution (ODR) with its […]


Solicitors from Hell website forced offline

Solicitors from Hell founder Rick Kordowski has given up his legal battle against the Law Society after Mr Justice Tugendhat granted the body injunctive relief and ordered the site to be taken offline. It will be seen as a victory for the Law Society which has spent the last six months trying to close down […]

Grey sky thinking

Cloud computing can provide benefits when it comes to e-disclosure but is still rife with potential pitfalls. Daniel Kavan advises implementing clear processes before the cloud is introduced  As explored in a recent Special Report in these pages, cloud computing is no mere trend or fad. Life in the cloud is here to stay […]

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