Addleshaws pledges excitement, and lots of it

Today we take our Homburgs off to Addleshaw Goddard for acknowledging what many have known for a very long time: that perhaps not all legal work is pant-wettingly exciting.

Those young whippersnappers who aren’t just chasing the Yankee dollar may all have Erin Brokovich-inspired dreams. But they soon tend to realise that doing due diligence on a corporate financing 26-hours-a-day is about as glamorous as a weekend in the Didcot Parkway ticket office. With John Kettley.

So AG’s proposal to unbundle chargeable tasks (see story) – a move that admittedly makes the firm sound like a mobile phone network – should be celebrated by puffy-eyed assistants the land over.

Instead of sitting in front of reams of endless docs, associates will be encouraged to develop relationship-building skills with clients.

Meaning that late nights with a highlighter pen and double espresso will be replaced by even later ones with a corporate credit card and a mojito. Happy days.


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