A Vested interest

Not all is happy in the good ship DLA Piper. As we exclusively reveal today, Sir Nigel Knowles has taken a bit of a battering from his partners over his personal stake in ABS-in-waiting LawVest.

Sir Nigel Knowles
Sir Nigel Knowles

Last week the emails were flying back and forth within the partnership after it emerged that Knowles and a small number of other partners had personally invested in LawVest without declaring it to the firm’s board or the wider partnership.

Cue fury from partners that they hadn’t been given a chance to invest too and fury from Sir Nigel that his integrity was being impugned – culminating in an email from global co-chair Tony Angel saying that the firm’s board had not “considered” individual investments in LawVest – in other words, it hadn’t been told.

Still, we’re sure there’ll be a good healthy discussion about it tomorrow at the firm’s board meeting. And it gives Tony Angel a good chance to flex his governance muscles.