A question of class

Would you Adam and Eve it? It turns out some of the top City firms discriminate against job applicants because of their accents (see story).

We couldn’t believe our Britneys. There you are, preparing for an interview, getting your best whistle dry cleaned, flossing your Hampsteads, brushing back your Barnet and you still haven’t got a Clifford Chance of landing the corn on the cob.

Why? Because you happen to be from a much-maligned part of the world just to the east of London.

And if you think that kind of attitude went out with the Bay City Rollers, how’s this little nugget of enlightenment from a partner at an unnamed firm?

“There was one guy who came to interviews who was a real Essex barrow boy,” sneered this particular Little Lord Faunleroy. “I just thought, putting him in front of a client – you just couldn’t do it.”

Probably better if they stick to making the tea and, occasionally, buying and selling those same partners’ hard-earned stocks, eh?