A flowering lawyer

We promise, we’re trying hard not to be smug, but it’s hard.

Why is this? Partly because on Tuesday we threw probably the best party the legal market will see this year (see story), and also because one of our award winners has just kindly confirmed her quality today.

Blackstone Chambers’ Dinah Rose QC demonstrated why she was crowned Barrister of the Year by winning yet another Court of Appeal case this morning (see story), fighting off heavyweights such as David Pannick QC, Tom Linden QC and Clive Lewis QC in the process.

Rose represented the parents of a 12-year-old boy who was refused entry to North London faith school JFS on the grounds that though his mother had converted to Judaism, this had not been recognised by the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

It was Rose’s second win over Pannick, also of Blackstone Chambers, this week, coming as it did after Tuesday’s awards, where Pannick was shortlisted for Barrister of the Year, but didn’t get the prize.

And it was yet another triumph against the Government, which was on the opposing side as an interested party alongside JFS.

Next up for Rose is the Equitable Life case, where she will try to win compensation for policyholders who lost money in the failed insurer from the Government.

Clearly this is a Rose that’s in bloom.


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