Capital markets and securities

Barnea & Co provides consultation to corporations and publicly traded companies on various legal issues related to activity in capital markets. As part of its corporate practice, the firm specialises in consulting publicly traded companies whose securities are traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in Israel and on foreign stock markets. 

The firm has extensive experience advising publicly traded companies on their ongoing operations in matters relating to current corporate governance, including in view of developments in corporate and securities law. The firm handles a variety of issues relevant to companies traded on the TASE, including prospectuses, bonds and options, shelf prospectuses, private offers, mergers, arrangements, transactions with controlling shareholders, employment of officers and the like.

Barnea & Co has unique expertise in consulting on special issues relevant to Israeli companies whose shares are registered for trade on stock markets in the US and England, and for foreign investors who hold securities in publicly traded Israeli companies.

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This information was sourced from the Barnea & Co website.