DLA Piper responds to the CVI2-Thelander 2013 CVC Compensation Report

DLA Piper has commented on the release by the Corporate Venture & Innovation Initiative (CVI2) of the CVI2-Thelander 2013 CVC Compensation Report, which is said to be the first comprehensive examination of the compensation structures for corporate venture capital (CVC) programmes at Global 2009 companies.

Mark Radcliffe, partner at DLA Piper, a founding member or the CVP alliance, said that, given intense global competition, innovation is more critical than ever to the success of companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

He added: ‘CVC programmes have become an important element in the innovation strategies of Global 2009 companies, providing access to new and disruptive technologies.

‘However, many CVC programmes are relatively young and critical issues such as CVC compensation practices are rapidly evolving that require the attention of corporate parents.’