Alternative dispute resolution

At No5 Chambers we seek to work with the parties to provide appropriate and effective alternative dispute service resolution tailored to their needs. We set out below the services we can offer to those caught up in a dispute.

Assisted settlement

Mediation — the process itself is non binding, voluntary and without prejudice. An independent neutral, helps them to reach a negotiated and binding settlement of their dispute.

Conciliation is similar to mediation.

Executive Tribunal — the parties form a tribunal made up of one senior person from each party to the dispute and a neutral third-party chairman.

Early neutral evaluation — an independent neutral third party provides a preliminary assessment of the case. The parties are then provided with a non-binding evaluation by the third-party neutral.

Third-party determination

Adjudication — a third-party neutral is appointed either by contract or statute to make a summary binding decision on a contractual dispute.

Dispute review boards — the board will be appointed at the outset of the contract and will be kept appraised of the project as it progresses.

Expert setermination — a third-party neutral using his expertise acts as an expert rather than judge. There is no right of appeal from an expert determination.

This material has been sourced from the No5 Chambers website.