SNR Denton secures second South Africa tie-up

SNR Denton has added another South Africa firm to its alliance network, tying up with Black Economic Empowerment firm KapdiTwala.

SNR Denton, which first added a South African firm to its network in 2009 (23 March 2009), has now added a second, forming a link with Cape Town-based KapdiTwala.

Two-partner KapdiTwala specialises in energy law, and provides clients with corporate and litigation services. The firm is part of the South African government’s Black Economic Empowerment initiative – launched to redress inequalities faced by the country’s black majority as a result of apartheid – and part of SNR Denton’s role will be to support KapdiTwala as a firm providing BEE services.

In a statement, KapdiTwala managing partner Noor Kapdi said: “This agreement is historic for a number of reasons. It’s the first time in the South African legal profession that we will see collaboration to this extent between a global law firm and a BEE firm, giving us a solid foothold in the energy legal sector.”

“This association will provide a platform of opportunities for black South African lawyers to specialise and develop careers in the energy industry,” added SNR Denton’s energy co-head Stephen Shergold.

NR Denton and KapdiTwala were introduced through a mutual client, Total. Shergold was visiting Total South Africa’s head of legal Zahir Wiliams, who mentioned that his company worked with KapdiTwala but that the firm lacked resources to meet many of Total’s needs. Shergold, along with fellow SNR Denton partners Paul Bugingo, Jonathan Cahn, Tom Eldridge and Charles Wood, will oversee the relationship.