OC and FFW plus 2 equals what exactly?

Surely it was only ever a matter of time?

Yesterday’s news that Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) and Osborne Clarke (OC) are chatting each other up as a prelude to a potential merger is confirmation that the pair are in fact the same firm separated at birth.

Both have for years had a focus on technology and the creative industries. Both have relatively underwhelming financials, with FFW’s PEP dropping 20 per cent drop to £410,000 last year while OC’s inched up 1 per cent to a distinctly similar £406,000.

Both are also said to have cultural similarities including, according to many insiders, being pretty decent places to work. Well, at least their lawyers know where the pub is.

The catalyst for this round of chat appears to be the break down of FFW’s proposed £150m tie-up with Lawrence Graham in June.

Now attention is focused on which other ‘top 30’ firms are also chatting to the love birds. One name that immediately suggests itself is Nabarro but if FFW and OC fancied going the whole TMT hog then a flirt with Olswang could pay dividends.

It would give a whole new meaning to the word ‘convergence’.

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