Lawyers question the point of HMRC crackdown

Opinion has been split on the merits of a HMRC crackdown on tax-dodging lawyers.

The Lawyer revealed last month how the authorities were targeting the bar after 18 Red Lion Court prosecutor Andrew Marshall told Blackfriars Crown Court that he had a series of cases in the pipeline.

And so it has come to pass.

HMRC is not stopping just at the bar. On Tuesday it announced it is going after “London lawyers”.

The Revenue says the decision is based on intelligence it has gathered, hinting it has enough evidence to launch several investigations.

The accountants are out in force warning lawyers who have concerns to get some advice – and quick.

While the lawyers are puzzled. Why come after us, they ask, we contribute to the national coffers not cheat it. What is the point of this exercise?

The point is that HMRC has reason to believe there are some tax dodgers in the profession and it is under an obligation to investigate. Simple as that.

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