Ashurst hearts Blakes

It’s so sweet when a couple is in love and they start mirroring each other’s behaviour.

You know the kind of thing. The newlyweds start dressing the same, they finish each others’ sentences and even show an interest in the others’ hobbies.

If you want a great example of a current legal market PDA (that’s a public display of affection by the way) then check out Ashurst and Blake Dawson. The firm is set to ask its equity partners to pay in capital for the first time as part of a financial rejig aimed at bringing its practices into line with its new Australian operations.

Bless. Just don’t go making the schoolboy error that this is anything as crass as Ashurst wanting to raise a few extra quid. Oh no. This is all about courtship, honest. What happens once the honeymoon period is over is, however, anybody’s guess.

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