Currency transfer service TransferWise has created a general counsel role, appointing former Mind Candy general counsel Jenifer Swallow.

The company previously relied on external advice, only employing a compliance officer for its financial regulatory work. Swallow, who was previously general counsel and chief of staff at the online entertainment company, was appointed at the end of September with a mandate to build a legal team from scratch.

Swallow said: “I need to build a team very quickly but currently I am just getting a feel for what is needed. TransferWise has a very interesting culture. It is anti-corporate and all teams are autonomous. Nothing is mandated from above.”

Due to Mind Candy’s recent restructuring, the company has not replaced Swallow. Instead it has employed an external consultant for several days a week.

Swallow added that Mind Candy had been without a general counsel for some time, “and so it is very used to working with external counsel. There is now a structure in place to allow work to tick over without a general counsel.”